Maria Merida

Singer Maria Merida Dies at 96 – What Happened With Her!

The singer from Herrera María Mérida has died this Tuesday, January 4, at the age of 96, after giving her artistic life to island folklore and leaving a career as outstanding as captivating. On May 27, 2021, he received the prestigious Canary Islands Music Award of honor. “I never thought that leaving my little island I would arrive and get everything that life has provided me,” he said a few months ago.

The artist began her musical career from an early age and at the age of 12 she won her first award in a folias competition in 1937.

When he turned 21, in 1946, he traveled to Madrid where he obtained successes in the Español and María Guerrero theaters.

María Mérida for seven years sings for Spanish emigrants in Latin America through a radio program.

A life dedicated to music and canarian tradition that has led him to collaborate with institutions in the dissemination of the folklore of the islands. Likewise, her long professional career has been recognized with numerous awards.

Continuing his musical learning, he traveled to Madrid where he obtained great successes, coinciding with various characters such as Lola Flores, Marujita Díaz, Ava Gadner, Pepe Blanco, etc. Simultaneously he collaborated with Radio Madrid, Radio Intercontinental and Radio Nacional de España where he worked for seven years making a program for Spanish emigrants that was broadcast throughout Latin America, comforting them with the melodies of their land wherever they were.

During her stay in the capital of Spain, she founded El Hogar Canario, in addition to being the first Canarian woman to record an album popularizing the song “Palmero sube a La Palma”. In the 1950s The New York Times called her one of the four best voices in the world, while Le Figaro called her the “Edith Piaf Canaria”.

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