Banglalink Internet Pack

Banglalink Internet Package

First of all thanks for visiting our site. Today we are here to present an interesting topic in our post. This is so important for Banglalink SIM users. There are so many people who use Banglalink SIM in our country. Most of the users like to use their phone internet at this time. That’s why are tried to list all the Banglalink Internet package here.

Banglalink Internet Offer 2022

There are so many people who have searched it online banglalink internet offer. The popularity of Banglalink SIM growing up so high day by day in Bangladesh. Users are satisfied to use the internet in this operator. If you are interested to see the Internet offer then take a good look at our post.

How To Check Banglalink Internet Balance

There are 33 Million Banglalink sim users in Bangladesh. Most of them like to use the internet packs on their phone. But the thing is new Banglalink sim users do not know that what is the banglalink internet check code.
banglalink internet balance check Code is *121*1# or *5000*500#

Banglalink Internet Offer 7 Days

If you are looking for a weekly pack on Banglalink SIM then you can check our post. We have listed all the weekly packs in our post. These packs will only for 7 Days.

Data             Price           Activation Code             VAlidity

100MB         20 tk               *5000*522#                     7 Days
160MB         30 tk               *5000*501#                     7 Days
500MB        100 tk              *5000*582#                     7 Days
1GB             76 tk                *5000*76#                       7 Days
3GB             99 tk                *5000*799#                     7 Days
5GB            108 tk               *5000*108#                     7 Days
10GB          199 tk               *5000*199#                     7 Days

Banglalink Internet Offer 30 Days

In this part of this post, we tried to list the monthly Banglalink INternet packs. You should like this kind of design of our post. People who need to buy BL monthly internet packs can see the list. All the monthly pack is given below.

Data             Price           Activation Code             VAlidity

120MB          50 tk             *5000*523#                    30 Days
300MB          99 tk             *5000*503#                    30 Days
600MB         150 tk            *5000*504#                    30 Days
1GB              199 tk            *5000*503#                    30 Days
1GB              210 tk            *5000*581#                    30 Days
1.5GB           275 tk            *5000*511#                    30 Days
2GB              209 tk            *5000*581#                    30 Days
2GB              350 tk            *5000*506#                    30 Days
4GB              500 tk            *5000*508#                    30 Days
8GB              900 tk            *5000*509#                    30 Days
15GB            1500 tk          *5000*510#                    30 Days

Banglalink Internet Offer Code

In this part of our post, we tried to present all the Banglalink Internet packages. Hope that you will get the latest internet offer from our site. If you are looking for a small pack then see the post carefully.

Data             Price           Activation Code             VAlidity

2MB               0.85 tk          *5000*519#                    1 Day
3MB               1.5 tk            *5000*518#                    1 Day
9MB               3 tk               *5000*513#                    1 Day
12MB             4 tk               *5000*520#                    1 Day
32MB             9 tk               *5000*529#                    1 Day
45MB            10 tk              *5000*543#                    1 Day
60MB            15 tk              *5000*502#                    3 Days
75MB            13 tk              *5000*543#                    4 Days
100MB          20 tk              *5000*522#                    7 Days
160MB          30 tk              *5000*501#                    7 Days
250MB          75 tk              *5000*517#                   10 Days
500MB         100 tk             *5000*582#                    7 Days
1GB               36 tk              *5000*36#                      4 Days
1GB               76 tk              *5000*76#                      7 Days
2GB               49 tk              *5000*49#                      4 Days
3GB               99 tk              *5000*799#                    7 Days
5GB              108 tk             *5000*108#                    7 Days
10GB            199 tk             *5000*199#                    7 Days

Banglalink Internet Package Code

There are so many BL users who hit online for the best BL Internet package code. To see the BL internet package read this article. Hope that you will find your choice on this site.
[ To Activate this pack, recharge the amount ]

Data             Price          VAlidity
500MB         36 tk           7 Days
1.5GB           99 tk           7 Days
2.5GB          129 tk          7 Days
3GB             399 tk          30 Days
1.5GB+200 MB Bonus – 209tk   30 Days

Banglalink Social Pack

To see the Banglalink social pack check this part of today’s post. We have given below all the latest social packs. Hope that you will like it.

Data                            Price           Activation Code             VAlidity
30MB Facebook           1.5 tk          *5000*414#                    4 Days
100MB Social               7 tk             *5000*576#                    7 Days
250MB IMO                 10 tk            *5000*725#                   7 Days
1GB Youtube                19 tk           *5000*345#                   2 Days

Hope that you have already seen the pack that you need. The important thing is that Banglalink reserved the right to change these packages at any time. So keep following us to see the latest update of the BAnglalink Internet pack. Thanks for staying with us.

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