Top Ten Cigarette in Canada 2022

Top Ten Cigarette in Canada. In this post, you will be able to know the best cigarette in Canada. First of all thanks for visiting our website. We are here to present the biggest cigarette companies in Canada. Smokers are always curious about this topic, They wanna try all the best brands of all time. Every day thousands of people search online to check the highest popular cigarette companies in Canada. Today we have designed our post with the top ten cigarette companies list. Hope that all the Canadian gentle Smokers should like this information.

Top 10 Cigarette in Canada

Top 10 Cigarette companies in Canada. This post is only for Canadians. Because about 10% of people near 3.3 Millions of Canadian people are regular smokers. There are also irregular smokers in Canada. Irregular is near about 4.3% of total populations. All those smokers one of the best wishes is to know which cigarette is the best. Actually, this is a dream to test all the top-ranking cigarette. In this summary, You can see the top ten cigarette list today.

1. Marlboro Cigarette

Marlboro start its journey in 1924. Actually, this is an American company. The owner of this tobacco company is Altria. If you wanna buy Marlboro Canadians 20’s, You will be paid about C$14,27 per pack. There are 4 variations of Canadian Marlboro. The name is Marlboro Canadians 20’s, Rooftops 20’s, Black/Red 20’s & Blue Smooth Taste 20’s. All of these variations prices are start from C$1299 to C$1427 per pack.

2. Du Maurier Cigarette

Du Maurier is the 2nd most popular cigarette company in Canada. Du Maurier establishes in 1930. Du Maurier keeps its reputation from 91 years. Du Maurier has a worldwide business point. This is one of the top brands in the world also. The owner of this company is British American tobacco. Du Maurier’s price per pack is starting from C$1250 to C$ 1500 in Canada

3. John Player & Sons Cigarette

There are 21 variations of the John Player cigarette in Canada. All kind of John Player cigarette price is near about C$ 12,99 In Canada. This brand was founded in 1877. This is a private tobacco company. The owner of John Player cigarette company in England.

4. Pall Mall Cigarette

There are 16 types of Pall Mall cigarettes in Canada. All types of Pall Mall cigarette per pack price is near about C$ 13,00 in Canada. This is an American company. Pall Mall start its journey in 1899.

5. Viceroy Cigarette

There are 7 variants of Viceroy cigarettes in Canada. The price of Viceroy cigarettes is near about C$ 1099 to C$ 1199 In Canada. This brand start its journey in 1936. The owner of this company is the United States. There are a lot of Viceroy customers in Canada.

6. Macdonald Special Cigarette

There are 8 categories of Macdonald’s cigarettes in Canada. It will cost per pack near C$ 1,199 in Canada.

7. Benson & Hedges Cigarette

Benson is a British tobacco company. The United Kingdom founded this company in 1873. Benson keeps its reputation by its quality for 148 years. This is the world’s favorite cigarette ever. There is four-category cigarette in Canada. You will cost per pack near about C$1500 in Canada.

8. Peter Jackson Cigarette

This is an Australian cigarette. There are so many variants of this cigarette. All of the prices per pack start from C$ 1199 to C$ 1299.

9. Rothmans- King Size Cigarette

Rothmans is a sub-company of Benson & Hedges Cigarette. This is an old company. They do not bring any latest model of this.

10. Belvedere Cigarette

There are 8 variations of Belvedere cigarettes in Canada. All the variations are the same price in Canada.

This is just information. We are not recommended for smoking. Smoking is injurious to health. Thanks for visit us.

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