A Street Hawker Paragraphs

A Street Hawker Paragraphs

A street hawker is very familiar in urban areas. He walks through the streets and lanes with his articles on his shoulder or head. He shots in a very peculiar manner. on hearing his call, Children gather around him to buy things. Hawkers usually sell everything. But most of the hawkers sell chanachur, badam, ice-cream, fruits, books, pens, medicines, drinks and sweet things.

Some sell fancy goods, grocery things, newspaper, utensils and what not. Some other hawkers buy old things such as clothes, silver goods, bottles, tins, rags, shoes, etc. A hawker prefers to sell his goods to the children and the housewives. He sells things at a high price and buys at a low price. Thus he cheats people. He carries goods to our doors. So he does some good to us also.

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